Cultural Arts: Child’s Play, April 16, 2015

When you write a story or a poem, imagination takes you for a ride!IMG_4235

Once again, our Young Author’s program culminated in a performance by the Child’s Play Theater Touring Company, based here in Chicago.  The company is unique in that it performs stories and poems written by school-age children.  Three Hillcrest students’ stories were chosen by the company to be performed at Hillcrest.  Our star authors are Allison Mytys (1st, Mrs. Walker) who composed The Lonely Half a Heart, Owen Chaidez (3rd, Mrs. Peksa) who wrote Extraordinary, and Sean Steele (5th, Mr. Smoke), who penned Bolt the Amazing.  Child’s Play’s unique skill in creating scenery, props, costumes, live music, and dialogue for each story really brought these tales to life!

IMG_4234As you can imagine, our young authors (and their parents) were very surprised and thrilled that their stories were chosen to be performed on stage.  The three young authors (as well as the rest of the audience) loved Child’s Play’s humorous additions to their stories and the often hilarious characters portrayed by the actors.   And, all three plays will also be performed by Child’s Play at other schools.   What an honor!

Special kudos also go out to the students who won Honorable Mention Awards:

Jimmy Healy, Emoni Rose Brooks, Audrey Graves, Jaina Kolavennu, Jake Sherlag, Tommy Healy, Olivia Graves, Annabelle Tung, Mia Zimmerman, Gretchen Haselhorst, Mallory Crowley, Nolan Pundmann, Ethan Garrigues, Lily Schulz, Jake Steele, Rose Balicki, Anna Maggos, Jeevan Kolavennu, Olivia Balicki, Jeffery C. Spirek, Leah Costello, Spencer Donaldson, Hannah Crowe, and Sierra Donaldson. IMG_4236 (1)

Thanks to our PTA for generously funding an experience where the imaginative voices of our children can be heard and treasured!  If your child would like to know more about how to submit a story for consideration, or IMG_4233about Child’s Play’s summer camp opportunities, check out their website at