Hillcrest Amazing Race

Hillcrest Amazing Race is open to ALL Hillcrest families of all ages! Families (teams of 3-6 players) can register and complete a set of missions together. The Hillcrest Amazing Race will be open all weekend so teams can complete missions around busy schedules. All missions will be family-friendly, safe and FUN!


  • Registration deadline was Thursday, May 13 at 8:00pm ($40 per team).
  • The GooseChase app will be used to assign, track and complete missions. Missions will be physical challenges, check-ins at a local Downers Grove locations or puzzles & riddles. Teams may be asked to submit a photo or video via the GooseChase app to complete missions.  A link to download the GooseChase app for iPhone or Android will be provided. More info to follow.
  • Missions can be completed anytime between Friday, May 14 at 3pm through Monday, May 17 at 8pm.  Teams can do all missions at one time or a few missions at a time when convenient. All missions must be completed by Monday, May 17 at 8pm.
  • All teams that complete the Hillcrest Amazing Race will be entered into a raffle for AMAZING prizes! PLUS the top 5 fastest teams to complete all missions will automatically win a $25 gift card!