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Andy Warhol

4 marilynsAndy Warhol “Four Marilyns”

6th Grade

Art Project Ideas:
  • Consider playing Velvet Underground or David Bowie music in the background while kids work.
  • One idea is to use an early Warhol technique for creating prints:  The kids would get some sort of shiny paper.  This paper would need to resist absorbing ink.  The kids would draw with black marker or other medium onto the shiny paper, take another sheet of art paper (maybe multi-media), place on top of the shiny paper and pressed onto it to absorb the ink.  The subject matter would be pop culture.  The kids could use their iPads for this.  The prints can be a small size.  They could make multiple of the same print, and they could color each differently once ink is dry, which shouldn’t take long.  You will need to experiment with this before the presentation to see what works best.
  • You may consider finding a photo app that can “Warholize” a photo and go from there.  The Photo2Sketch app will, as the name says, turn a photo into a sketch.
  • Another idea is to do a big collaborative art project.  For instance, each kid would find a pop art image (any category), and print it on a uniform piece of paper.  You may need to check whether the kids have capability to print from their iPads.  They can then trace the printed image onto nice art paper, and color it in very brightly.  Depending on how big the images are, the kids can do one or two of the same image colored different ways.  When they finish, they could glue their colored images on a big piece of cardstock (maybe you would need 2 pieces of cardstock taped together?).
  • Please click on the Notes link below for Nancy Bifulco’s idea.
  • You may find inspiration with this project.  Or here from  Or here from  Artyfactory also has a cool group project here.


[important]Don’t forget to submit an expense voucher  to be reimbursed for any supplies you buy.[/important]