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Charles White

harvestCharles White “Harvest Talk”

3rd Grade


Biography on White

Art Institute of Chicago: Harvest Talk

Harvest Talk artwork resource packet by the Art Institute of Chicago

AIC Portrait of Charles White (video)

Interview with White

Informative video including White

Short youtube video on White (might be nice to show during presentation)

Unfortunately, as of now, there are no books on Charles White at the Hillcrest LRC or the Downers Grove library.


White Prezi  & Presentation

White teacher handout

Art Project Ideas:

It would be nice for the kids to use charcoal for the art project since Charles White did so many charcoal drawings.  There are many options you can choose.  Here is one project idea:

Charcoal Snowmen

In addition, the websites listed below will give you inspiration.  You can have the students concentrate on learning how to shade a limited number of objects.  Or they can cover their paper in charcoal and use an eraser to draw.  Spray fixative should be used when the kids are done using charcoal. – how to shade a sphere (videos)

Charcoal rubbings (this looks like one of Charles White’s drawings called Love Letter #1) charcoal leaf rubbings shadow tracing half portraits


Notes from Previous Presentations

Please contribute your comments, helpful suggestions, websites, presentations, and/or art project ideas to the above link.  The kids and future volunteers would benefit so much.  THANKS!


Photos from Previous Presentations 

Please share any pictures or videos you took during your presentation.  They can be uploaded to the above link.  Pictures can also be sent to parents through the SeeSaw app.  Please contact the teacher for more info.


[important] Don’t forget to submit an expense voucher to be reimbursed for any supplies you buy. [/important]