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Georgia O’Keeffe



Georgia O’Keeffe “Cow’s Skull with Calico Roses”

3rd Grade


wiki O’Keeffe

wikiQuote O’Keeffe O’Keeffe on O’Keeffe

“Georgia O’Keeffe talks about her life” videos:  Part 1 (discussion of skulls, might be nice to show in class), Part2, Part3.  These videos appear to be from a PBS American Masters episode.  (I was not able to view the entire video, but it seems it’d be quite worthwhile. -MB)

O’Keeffe Museum video

Quick documentary video – has great quotes and paintings to focus on

Recent auction sets record!

O’Keeffe at the Art Inst. of Chicago

You may also check out children’s books about Georgia O’Keeffe from the Downers Grove library or the Hillcrest LRC.


Consider dressing all in black, as Georgia O’Keeffe often did.

O’Keeffe presentation & O’Keeffe Prezi

Teacher handout

My Name is Georgia by Jeanette Winter (a wonderful book to read to kids instead of a formal presentation with the Prezi, make sure to reserve it from the library in time)

Through Georgia’s Eyes by Rachel Rodriguez (another amazing book to read to kids)

Art Project Ideas: big flower

art for small hands big flower – good one!

nice example of color gradation on a flower

neat idea using a viewfinder

oil and chalk pastel flowers

Using real flowers is highly recommended.  Silk flowers do not have the same shading as a real flower, no matter how realistic. Remember to submit an expense voucher.



Notes from Previous Presentations

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Photos from Previous Presentations

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