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Grandma Moses

Beautiful World prints-2Grandma Moses “A Beautiful World”

First Grade



wiki Grandma Moses biography

Galerie St. Etienne Grandma Moses biography

Youtube footage of Grandma Moses (it’s up to you if you want to show a clip of this in class – the kids will find it interesting to see the real Grandma Moses)

Resource books include “Grandma Moses” by Otto Kallir and “Grandma Moses” by Margot Cleary

You may also check out children’s books about Grandma Moses from the Downers Grove library or the Hillcrest LRC.


Grandma Moses Prezi & Presentation (interview style)

Presentation (non-interview style)

Grandma Moses teacher handout

Art Project Ideas:

Grandma Moses cat folk art project

Because Grandma Moses drew things she was familiar with, the kids can draw something they are familiar with at school or home and put in as much detail as they can.


Notes from Previous Presentations

Please contribute your comments, helpful suggestions, websites, presentations, art project ideas to the above link.  The kids and future volunteers would benefit so much.  THANKS!


Photos from Previous Presentations

Please share any pictures or videos you took during your presentation.  They can be uploaded to the above link.  Pictures can also be sent to parents through the SeeSaw app. Please contact the classroom teacher for more info.  THANKS!

The presentation should not take more than 20 minutes.  Feel free to talk more about the artist while the kids are doing the art project.  Allow students at least 40 minutes to do the art project.  Asking for about 1 hour 15 minutes total should give you enough time without rushing.

Obviously, you must pair up with someone to perform the interview, but this project can be done alone.  If done alone, the presentation will probably take less time.  The kids love the interview though – it’s memorable.

Even if you don’t do the interview, it’s still a VERY good idea to have at least one parent helper to pass around supplies, assist, take photos, clean up, etc.  First graders need a lot of assistance.

If volunteers are in short supply, consider combining all the first graders for the presentation into one classroom.  (You will need to ask the personal opinions of the teachers to see if it would work with kids of their age and temperament.)  After the presentation, the kids can return to their respective classrooms to do the art project.  There will need to be at least one parent volunteer in each class during the art project.  More time should be scheduled with the combined classroom setup.

For whatever art project you do, please be sure to check on availability of supplies from PIA cabinet or art room well ahead of time so they can be ordered at a discounted price.  If you end up buying your own supplies, please be sure to submit an expense voucher to be reimbursed so we can keep track of actual expenses.