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Jackson Pollock

Art Project Ideas:
  • Outdoor painting project:  Weather needs to cooperate – schedule in mid-late May.  Order 18″ x 24″ canvas panels – 1 per kid.  Bring small dixie type paper cups for paint, paper plates for holding the cups, paper cups for water, and tempura or acrylic paint (check if there’s enough paint), paintbrushes and paper towels.  A giant bowl for dirty brushes is helpful.  Remember that paint will stain, especially acrylic.  Lay canvas panels in grass.  Fill small cups with paint.  Kids pick their colors and paint in a Pollock fashion – see How to paint like Jackson Pollock or this video.  Get a lot of help.  Combine classes and get lots of time to do this.  This is a special end-of-elementary school project.  The kids will not forget this one.


[important]Don’t forget to submit an expense voucher  to be reimbursed for any supplies you buy.[/important]