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Marc Chagall

i and my villageMarc Chagall “I and My Village”

3rd Grade


wiki Chagall Chagall

Smithsonian article – Chagall

wikiQuote Chagall

Art Inst. of Chicago – Chagall

Documentary of Chagall (youtube)

Audio accompaniment for painting


Chagall presentation

HighLakesArtinaBox blog (presentation and project ideas)

Teacher handout


Chagall prezi

Art Project Ideas:

Personalized Village Chagall project

marymaking blog Chagall window

marymarking again

I And The Village printout to color watercolor

creatingartwithkids project

Tissue paper stained glass ideas #1 and idea #2 and idea #3

Tissue murals

Youtube short presentation and art project


Notes from Previous Presentations

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Photos from Previous Presentations

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