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Mummy Case

mummy case aic

Mummy Case

6th grade



From Art Inst. of Chicago:

Artwork and Artist Information: Mummy Case of Paankhenamun

Artwork Resource Packet: Coffin and Mummy Case of Paankhenamun



Art Project Ideas: ideas

Mummy case art project (begins on page 31 of the file)

Helpful worksheets for art projects:

Draw like an Egyptian

Mummy Jokes

Egyptian Symbols and Hieroglyphics



Notes from previous presentations

Please contribute your comments, helpful suggestions, websites, presentations, art project ideas to the above link.  The kids and future volunteers would benefit so much.  THANKS!


Photos from previous presentations

Please share any pictures or videos you took during your presentation.  They can be uploaded to the above link.  If you send the pictures to [email protected], we will send them to the parents.  THANKS!

The presentation should not take more than 20 minutes.  Allow students at least 40 minutes to do the art project.  Asking for about 1 hour 10 minutes total should give you enough time without rushing.It’s a VERY good idea to have at least one parent helper to pass around supplies, assist, take photos, clean up, etc.

If volunteers are in short supply, consider combining all the sixth graders for the presentation into one classroom.  After the presentation, the kids can return to their respective classrooms to do the art project.  There will need to be at least one parent volunteer in each class during the art project.  More time should be scheduled with the combined classroom setup.

For whatever art project you do, please be sure to check on availability of supplies from PIA cabinet or art room well ahead of time so they can be ordered at a discounted price.  If you end up buying your own supplies, please be sure to submit an expense voucher to be reimbursed so we can keep track of actual expenses.