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Paper Art

Paper Art

Fourth Grade



An overview of Paper Artists

10 Paper Artists to Know

What is Paper Craft?


For the presentation, we recommend showing the class the following videos that demonstrate different forms of artwork created with paper:

Video of artist Li Hongbo creating sculptures from paper

Video showing examples of pop-up paper art created by Peter Dahmen

If there is time, you may also want to show the class this interesting video:

Video of tape artist Max Zorn working on a project

Teacher handout:

Paper art handout

Art project ideas:

Pop Up Tree Card (video providing a demonstration of this project)

Coffee Filter Snowflake Ideas #1

Coffee Filter Snowflake Ideas #2

Paper Snowflake Templates


Notes from previous presentations

Please contribute your comments, helpful suggestions, websites, presentations, and/or art project ideas to the above link. The kids and future volunteers would benefit so much. THANKS!


Photos from previous presentations

Please share any pictures or videos you took during your presentation. They can be uploaded to the above link. Pictures can also be sent to parents through the SeeSaw app.  Please contact the teacher for more info.


[important] Don’t forget to submit an expense voucher to be reimbursed for any supplies you buy. [/important]