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Paul Klee

downloadPaul Klee – “Kunterbunt”

2nd Grade


wiki Klee Klee

Guardian article on Klee

Art Inst. of Chicago – Klee

Paul Klee at Tate Modern video

Klee documentary

You can check out children’s books about Paul Klee from the Downers Grove Public Library, including “Paul Klee” by Mike Venezia and “The Cat and Bird” by Geraldine Elschner & Peggy Nile.


Klee presentation


Klee prezi

Teacher handout:

Klee teacher handout

Art Project Ideas:

Watercolor wash (video)

Cat and Bird drawing (video)

(Note – Please check with Mr. Belonio before doing the Cat and Bird drawing, as he sometimes does this project as well.)

Letter drawing (video)

Jazz it Up with Paul Klee (video)

‘Castle & Sun’-inspired project from Laura Coen


Notes from previous presentations

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Photos from previous presentations

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