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Rene Magritte

300px-Time_transfixedRene Magritte “Time Transfixed”

Third Grade


wiki Magritte extensive profile of Magritte

Art Inst. of Chicago Magritte collection

Art Inst. “Time Transfixed”

Art. Inst. Artwork Resource Packet

NY Times article on Magritte

You may also check out children’s books about Rene Magritte from the Downers Grove library or the Hillcrest LRC.


Magritte Prezi & Presentation

In addition to or in lieu of the Magritte Prezi / Presentation, there are 2 books in the middle PIA cabinet (should be in one of the drawers).  One is called Magritte’s Apple.  Another is Magritte’s Marvelous Hat.  Feel free to borrow them.

Magritte teacher handout

You may want to show this youtube video on Magritte.

Art Project Ideas:

Surrealistic Eye Art Project and Surrealistic Eye pic

Surrealist Games (Writing and Drawing Game)

Magritte-inspired room collage (see ‘Activity 2’ in this link) and Blank room template


Notes from Previous Presentations

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Photos from Previous Presentations 

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