Field Trips and In-Class Experiences

Committee Chairs: Jamie Wales (Grades K-2) and Girlie O’Donoghue (Grades 3-6)

The PTA budgets $25 per student per year for field trips and in-class experiences and this committee helps teachers identify opportunities and plan the experiences. The K-2 students attended a play at the Tivoli in February 2023 thanks to this fund. These field trips are in addition to the field trips funded by District 58.

This committee also manages three assemblies per year including a DGS or DGN choir performance in December along with a Child’s Play Touring Theatre assembly in the spring.

School Assemblies 2022-23:
September 16, 2022 – Matt Wilhelm
December 9, 2022 – DGS Choir
April 2023 – Child’s Play Touring Theatre

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