Room Parent Ambassadors

Committee Chairs: Lindsey Burnette & Holly Francis

One of our important volunteer opportunities is being a Room Parent Ambassador! Each classroom has three Room Parent Ambassadors for each school year. Please see below to learn more about how a Room Parent Ambassador supports teachers and students:

  • Leads recognition and celebrations for designated teacher(s) and assistants (birthdays, holidays, teacher appreciation week, end-of school-year)
  • Organizes optional gift-giving and collects funds from families
  • Attends and leads in-classroom parties and events with the guidance of teacher(s)
  • Supports teacher(s) with any additional classroom support (cutting, copying, supply collection, etc.)
  • Notifies classroom of noteworthy school-wide or classroom events


Available Resources for Room Parent Ambassadors:

  • Access to the PTA email system, Constant Contact (easy-to-use templates available and PTA members can show you the ropes)
  • List of your classroom teacher(s) and instructional assistant(s) favorites so gift-giving and recognition hits the mark
  • Monetary budget (pending approval at September 19 PTA meeting) of $100 to use towards classroom events
  • Learn the ropes and ask questions at the Room Parent Ambassador meeting in September

Sign-up for 2023-24 Room Parent Ambassadors will begin at 12pm on Tuesday, September 5 – please sign up here. Room Parent Ambassador positions are filled on a first-come, first-serve basis!

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