Forms for Volunteers

Below are important links that our Hillcrest PTA committee chairs, volunteers, teachers, and staff will utilize for our programs and fundraisers.

Tax Exempt Form

Our PTA is a not-for-profit organization, in good standing, and is privileged to have a tax-exempt status. This means that anytime a volunteer, chair, co-chair, teacher or staff is purchasing goods or services for a Hillcrest PTA program or fundraiser, when providing a copy of this letter to the vendor NO TAX should be charged. We strongly encourage our volunteers show this letter, either paper copy or from their smart phones at the time of check out to avoid the additional expenses.

Check Requests & Reimbursements

This super simple, eco-friendly form makes getting reimbursed or paying vendors a snap. Just scan the supporting documentation such as receipts, contracts, or agreements, complete the form, attach the file, and submit.  Checks can be cut and hand delivered for vendors or paid through our bank and mailed to your home for a reimbursement. Make sure that you indicate the proper instructions for delivery on the form and provide at least one week notice for payment requests. Attaching receipts directly is preferred, but if you are unable to scan or attach your supporting documents to the online form, please complete, press the submit button and then email the supporting documents to [email protected].

Deposit Voucher

Print this form and complete any time you are submitting fundraising deposits from an event. Click here for more information about the deposit voucher process. Place in a secure envelope and address to the Hillcrest PTA Treasurer. Contact the treasurer at [email protected] to arrange an exchange.

 Building & Use Form

The Building and Use Form should be printed, filled-out, and returned to the Hillcrest secretary’s office for approval by the Principal, Mrs. Rzepka. Anytime a program or fundraiser is requesting space within the school or the school grounds this form needs to be completed. The completed form can be hand delivered or emailed to Lisa Reinhart.  If you are emailing the form, make sure that you scan both sides of the form. Please allow adequate time for the request to be approved.

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