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What is Partners in Art?
Partners In Art (“PIA”) is a PTA-funded art appreciation program that has been educating Hillcrest students for over 25 years. The program currently features over 25 volunteer-led presentations in Hillcrest classrooms in an academic year.

What is the role of a PIA volunteer?
Program volunteers sign up in teams of two to go into a classroom and give a brief presentation about a specific artist and coordinate a fun, hands-on project based on that artist’s style. There are four presentations per class with two volunteers per presentation. The total time spent in a classroom can last anywhere from 45 to 90 minutes.

How do I know what to present?
The presentations have been created for you! There are pre-made Prezi presentations and sample scripts on the Partners in Art Artists page. Have a different idea on how to present the information? Do it your way or use what is already there – the choice is yours, we just recommend you keep this part to about 10 minutes and engage the kids with questions.

How do I know what to do for the art project?
Again – the work has been done for you! There are links to at least one project idea for each of the artists on the Partners in Art Artists page and project materials are in the supply cabinets at Hillcrest. There are helpful notes from past volunteers on what worked and what didn’t if you want to brainstorm your own project idea.

I’m signed up for a presentation – now what?
Coordinate with your co-volunteer, teamwork makes the dream work! Reach out to your classroom teacher to coordinate a date/time for the presentation using the time frame in the signup sheet as a guide. If the presentation is later in the school year, you can wait until closer to the date to schedule. Click here for a very detailed step-by-step planning guide, including photos! Most importantly, have fun!

Still have questions? No problem, just ask the experts: Maria BrummelKatelyn Whoriskey, or Rebecca Hardman

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